SPACE - a place for creative use of technology in and around Ilmenau


SPACE is a sub-group of the Kulturelle Koordinierung e.V. and offers a place for people interested in technology. Everybody is welcome, from beginner to pro.

Our group is currently under construction. You are invited to join and bring in your own ideas. Just contact us or come to our meetings! :)

What happens in the S P A C E ?

Tinkering, workshops, electronics, lectures, freifunk, knowledge exchange, 3D printer, CNC mill, Linux, opensource, creative commons, encryption, programming, soldering, VPN, ... [Space for your ideas]

We are reopening the SPACE again, at least partially. We now meet in the SPACE and virtually!

The Orga meeting will take place every first Wednesday of the month from now on.

Current dates

05. April 2023, 6 pm |Open SPACE-Orga-Meeting (via Jitsi-Meet)
05. April 2023, 7 pm |Freifunk Ilmenau (via Jitsi-Meet)

Regular dates

every Wednesday from about 7pm|"open S P A C E" (open tech tinkering meeting, via Jitsi-Meet);
Note: It may happen that there is not always someone around. For urgent questions it's best to send an email in advance. :)